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Three good things, two disgusting ones and one bad one.

Somewhere between the 20th and the 26th of August, 2006, I got a mild to medium headache somewhere within my frontal left lobe about 2cms behind my eye.

It was odd that is was such a specific place and not just a general pain.
It didn't go away for a few days and so I saw a doctor and he told me to get a CT scan.

Four weeks later, on the 15th of September, I got a CT scan of my brain (Which is boring, half an hour of not moving whilst lying in a slightly uncomfortable way) and it came back negative. There was a collective sigh of relief from my entire family.

Well it persisted and I was only able to keep my headache manageable with panadine. (Oh lovely, lovely codeine)

After various ideas and three doctors, it was finally found to be spinal pain from years of bad posture at the computer.

I am now seeing a chiropractor and getting spinal readjustments done to my neck.

For awhile I lost all of my creativity because of the pain and painkillers, this has left my Pinhead application on [info]hogwarts_hocus in suspended animation for a long time now.

This brings me to point number two:


Time to rejoin Hogwarts as Malice, Lain, Pinhead and Godzilla.
Also to hunt down more RPGS to join.


In NSW the universities use a 'UAI' score gained from the 'HSC' to grant you access into uni. My 'UAI' was shockingly low, and so I sat for a 'STAT' test and got 97% and so, with luck, I'll be doing Biotechnology next year at either Uni of technology, Sydney or Uni of Sydney or Uni of Wollongong.


1. Blood is disgusting. Don't drink large quantities.

2. Cough medicine is disgusting. Don't drink at all.

One Bad!

I have been on the verge of an asthma attack since New Year’s Day, my asthma medication makes my hands shake normally but since I had to up the dose I am shaking a lot worse now.

See you all later; don't eat green chips/French fries. Your tummy will thank you.
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