souls_apairy (souls_apairy) wrote,

Guess What'll Happen in Five and a Half Hours?

(Sans the end of the world)

Well anyway. Here I am, Second last Monday Lesson of TAFE for Ever!!!

Business planing like last week. Queen's b-day next week so no class and then the week after is the last.

I'm sleepy.

I don't know why but I'm suddenly sleepy.

I slept for about ten hours last night so I shouldn't be sleepy yet I am... Maybe it's because I'm so hungry. I havn't eaten anything since lunch five and a half hours ago.

Hmm, well at break time in an hour I'll have something to chew, It can tie me over till dinner (At ten, when I get home)

Well anyway Back to Work.

P.S. Tis my twenty-first hatchling-day in five and a half hours time.

Till next time, this has been the honey from the apiary of my soul.
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