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Hello world.

And once again I come to you live from TAFE!

We'll I was wrong, we got internet back at home whilst I was typing the message about no internet.

Anywho, I now have Ragnarok Online installed and working, I'm Gorm the fourteenth level swordsman/woman. Tell you the truth I can't tell the gender of my character. (If it has one)

Now with tafe we have for our last assissment for the course we must assemble a bussines plan.


We need to get an ABN number, I think, as well as assemble a mock industry. (Extra points for whomever evades taxes the longest and goes bankrupt in the most exciting fashion possible)

Also in two weeks it's my twenty-first. And I'm the anti-christ if the date tells me anything. (6-6-6) ^_^

Well see ya all, have work to get on with.

*Lights fade and curtians close*
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