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"I only wanted to check the price, honest"

Well today Michael and I went to the city. Free comic day! Yay!

As we were talking whilst walking the subject of Mage Knight came up.
Mage Knight for the clueless is a game like Dungeons 'n Dragons mixed with any Games Workshop game, but instead of keeping heaps of paper with the character info it is all stored in the base. Their current stats are visible and should they take a wound you turn the base slightly to reveal the new set of stats.

I used to collect them and had thirty or so back at home. I just keep forgetting about them and so I never play much.

Any who, MK was mentioned and Mick asked me if I still played it. I said that I would like to play it again but needed a new starter set as the rules had changed.

We were a block away from Games Paradise, a store that sold everything from monopoly to Mage Knight, Magic the gathering, Warhammer 40,000 and hundreds of other RPGS and battle games.

I said that I just wanted to check the price of the starter sets and we end up walking out twenty mins later with the store's entire stock of MK.

Sixteen booster packs of four models each (RRP: $10 each) and one starter set (RRP: $35).

All for the low, low price of forty dollars.

Come next game I'll have an army to rival to mightiest.

And in other news...

S is:

I) Soul's Apiary - From where I gather honey to which I present to the world. Well that was the plan anyway. I rarely post in LJ enough. Far from the fanfic idea dumping ground I originally had in mind.

II) Serial Experiments: Lain - Simply the greatest anime series ever. Full stop. Deep, multi-layered and thought provoking. And pure artistic brilliance from Yoshitoshi ABe.

III) Sonic the Hedgehog - Pure Gold Game play from my childhood. This spiky blue mammal shall forever be my hero.

IV) Saya - Kick-arse Vampire Girl, Star of the much loved Blood: The Last Vampire movie, game, book, comic and now a series titled Blood+

V) Spiders - The oh-so cuddly creatures of evil. Cuteness in a bite-sized form.

VI) Snakes - The lovely legless creatures. Scales, fangs and all.

VII) Spice Girls - The first band I ever liked. I'm still a fan of their music.

VIII) Sue - Star of the Manga 'Clover'. This loveable girl has the powers to rule the world. Now if only Ora didn't die...

IX) Stephen - My name, without which... Well I wouldn't be called Stephen then, would I?

X) Slave to the Empire - My job, Mc Donald's employee.

Hands up to claude_kenny for this funny test.

If you want in then just reply and I'll give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and than pass out letters to those who want play along.
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