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Sitting here in ma Pjs, Yo!

In the darkness of the computer room I sit, hunched at the keyboard typing.
I don't know why I'm writing, I have nothing to say but here I am none the less.

Looking at the screen I spy my love-flustered fox watching and reading the words as I type them. He has long since renounced his love of the 'Kettunen' and now he stands solitary by my journal, his heart forever without his breast, his breast without his heart.

He has become my face, the cover of annonominity I possess across the wired. His heart and smile is now as much a part of me. The keeper of the bees, Dancer within the apairy, Master of the honeycomb and stirrer of the honey.

We share the picnics within my mind. He dances with my other avatarials. He plays with my inner-child.

Yet my dreams are empty of him, he never intrudes into my conscious thoughts.
He's there though, foxes slip by unnoticed.

Till next we meet, my love-flustered fox.
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