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Update from tafe yo!

Here I am, at TAFE, doing work.

Well trying, but it ain't working, no ideas, and no imagination.
This sucks.

I have the herald in front of me, an article about Nguyen Tuong Van and his impending execution in Singapore for drug smuggling and how the Aussie police knew the 'Bali Nine' were trafficking drugs and gave the info to Bali just so they would be shot instead of serving out sentences in Australia.

Lovely country I live in.

I know, lets blame Miss Schapelle Corby, for without whom we would have never heard of the nine or Leslie or Nguyen.
Nah, she just got the publicity to start this, it's been happening before and will continue to happen, TV crew or not.

Anyway, who has heard of Simon Townsend? I Haven't.
He is holding auditions for a new panel style show and I'm going to try for it. Besides who knows, I might be just what he's looking for.
How about it Newflesh, think I'll make it?
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