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Wombats and Potatos

Ahh, the zoo. Well, Symbio Wildlife Park anyway.

Ok, First my sister was going to drive me there but we later decided I would just catch a train and bus.

I miss the train.

Half an hour before the next one.

Forty or fifty mins later I'm at Helensburgh station just to be told the bus, that people catch to go places because the station is in the valley in middle of nowhere, the bus that leaves once the train shows up, has left.

Another half an hour (And several lovely daydreams) later I'm on the bus bound for Symbio.

Once there I spent much the day just a walking around. (I got to hold a diamond python)

Patted Koalas, had a laughing contest with two Kookaburras, ran a race with an Emu (He won), laughed at a goat (He laughed back) and spoke to a Cockatoo who could only say 'ello'.

Annoyed Jill (My friend, she works there) and Jeff (Another friend, also works there) and took photos.

Then came the wombat.

One of the keepers was holding him out of his pen whilst she talked about them. She then offered if someone else wanted to hold him and I accepted.

The thing weighs at least twenty kilos and the moment it was in my hands he kicks, scratches, grunts and then decides my sleeve was tasty and begins to chew.

Still, it was cute.

I smelt of wombat for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile at one stage Jill and Jeff had to feed the cows. They gave me a potato to feed one of the Highland cows (they look like a four legged Cousin It with horns) One chomp later they entire potato is gone.

I didn't even see it go in, just disappears.

Took a roll and a half worth of photos, lets hope they turn out.

Till next time.
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