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Hehe, Kinda funny. I spend more time on the net yet I'm still cut from my net-social groups.

Hello everyone, tis been ages since an update.

Recently I've spending more and more time at hogwarts_hocus RPing Lain Iwakura </font>internetgoddess from Serial Experiments: Lain / Godzilla </font>godzilla_2000 from Godzilla (Not the American screw up) and Malice Doll </font>malice_the_doll from Malice@Doll.
Soon I'll also be playing Pinhead from Hellraiser and 'Wired' Lain from Serial Experiments: Lain, I just need to get Malice settled in and maybe take a bit of time off from the sortings. Malice is a rather hard character to capture in her robot form as she is more or less just a compliant , somewhat formal speaking prostitute android.

Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone has worked out this little fact or was I being too obscure about her purpose.

Anyway, on with the show.

Yes, I am still alive and well and have not just vanished absolutely. I've had a touch of hayfever and generally just feeling like crap most the time though. 
Bad sleeping patterns, Keep forgetting to eat breakfast, the usual.

Oh well, time to cook dinner then.

See ya later peeps.
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